Meet the band...

Phillip Lovejoy

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Phillip is a founding member of Four Barrel. He has been playing guitar since the age of fifteen. Phillip started his musical journey in the fifth grade playing trumpet and continued playing brass instruments through twelfth grade. During this time Phillip performed with school wind ensembles on brass and also found time to jam and perform on guitar with friends (including bass player Tim) even placing third in a local talent show. Phillip's influences include Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Randy Rhodes, Eric Clapton, and many more. "As a youngster I would have never picked up a guitar if it weren't for my brother's cool music collection". "Thanks Bro!"On stage Phillip unleashes high energy rock and roll with a blazing blues-rock style.

Kally Sanders

Lead Vocals

Since joining Four Barrel in 2009, rock and roll has become Kally's passion. Her powerful rocker influences of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks take their place front and center when she steps onto the stage.  She mesmerizes her audience with deep soulfulness in her sultry resonances of Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, yet instinctively, she knows how to get you up and out of your seat when she blows the dust off the dance floor with the likes of  AC/DC, the Stones and Guns N Roses.When Kally is not on stage, she enjoys honing her craft in the company of other local musicians and singers up and down the greater Sacramento Valley.

Scott Uhlenbrock


Scott started playing metal on pots & pans at the age of 3. By 5, he was rocking along with Beatles. No doubt he was born to make noise and got his first kit at 8 and has been rocking ever since...inspired by great drummers like Kieth Moom , Peter Criss, Alex Van Halen. and Niel Peart. At 13, Scott bagan playing in Yolo County cover bands...Black Magic, Satyer, The Antics, Night Shift, Ace of Spades, Dragon Fly...and,  he was rocking with Phillip in the early years of Four Barrel.

Dale Warner

Bass Guitar

Grazing on the local life as a native Woodlander, Dale picked up the bass at the age of 15 cutting his musical teeth on rock, blues and jazz into the mid-70’s. In ‘75 he got a nudge from a friend to move to Santa Cruz where he dove into the music scene head-first playing bass in 3 different original bands and doing some recording.  After ping-ponging from Woodland back to the Bay area and back again to Woodland, Dale got the itch to move to Los Angeles in ’84, where the live rock scene was exploding. Almost immediately he was able to hook up with several music projects and by the fall of ’85, found himself in a comedy/music group on a national tour as the opener for the legendary Minutemen.  In ’92, Dale released his first solo record, “Uncle Dale, Tell’n Stories” and started playing solo gigs in various coffee houses and clubs around SoCal. He eventually formed the Rubatos who were known for their tangents of improvisation mixed into the list of Dale’s original songs.  Along with the Rubatos, Dale enjoyed a long run playing clubs and festivals with bands ranging from punk rock to blues to improv from 1985 to 2014.  Dale even brought the Rubatos to Woodland to perform at Plainfield Station with… Four Barrel as the opener!!!  After 33+ years in Los Angeles, Dale moved back to Woodland in 2017 and by chance met up with Phillip at a local hardware store.  Both happen to be looking for a new water heater and as it turns out, Phillip just happened to also be looking for a bass player… and the rest is history! Dale brings a rocking bottom end that compliments the fun and high energy of Four Barrel.

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